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Paths and Wizards to Import

Do you want to start immediately with SmarterPath and provide your employees with instructionally-sound Paths? We offer a range of pre-created Paths to facilitate learning how to use SmarterPath and Office 365.

After you have selected the appropriate paths on our website, you can import them into your SmarterPath (Management > Paths > Import Path).



Paths and Wizards to Import



Copy and Adjust Paths

In addition to importing paths, we also wanted to give you the ability to copy existing paths for further use or customization. Some of our clients mentioned the following use cases for this feature:

  • Guidelines for the structure of a path (i.e.: establishment of milestones and steps)
  • Creation of templates for paths
  • Parts of a path are repeated (for example, the milestone for introducing each path)
  • Paths are needed in several languages with the same content

Do you have any other ideas for how this function could be useful?


Further Data Privacy Measures

Users have the option to download a file containing all their personal information. This function can be found under your personal settings.

Further Data Privcacy Measures

If a user wishes to delete their data, this can be done by the administrator (both SmarterPath and Office 365 admin rights are necessary). The user is then deleted after 7 days, whereby the history data (reports) are anonymized and thus preserved for path creators/admins.


Additional New Features
  • New content type: free text field with a simple editor
  • Assign paths to all SharePoint Site members
  • SharePoint content for paths is organized in the same way as the document structure



About the author

Linda joined Pokeshot GmbH in March 2016 as a consultant for social collaboration and learning management. Her primary responsibility is the product management of our award-winning social learning solution SmarterPath.






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