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Mambu is the leading SaaS core banking engine. If you’re a customer of the largest digital bank in the EU, then you’ve probably interacted with our platform and didn't even know it. We are at the heart of what makes digital banks and lenders work - the system that processes banking transactions and updates accounts and other financial records from deposits to loans and credit balances. But Mambu is different.  We are not just cloud-native, lean and flexible - we are helping to revolutionise financial services globally. We are in a growth phase and we’ve only just begun.
To help us on our mission, we bring together people with the best skills and attitude. It doesn’t matter where you are from, what matters is the impact you have and your passion to make a difference.
We are looking for a skilled Technical Writer to join our team. As Technical Writer you will..
Establish the documentation authoring and publishing discipline within the organization, in order to bring the customer-facing product documentation to the professional and consistent state, as well as to keep the documentation up-to-date with current functionality and allow self-service usage of the product by the customer, including Mambu administrators, developers and any other financial institution employee leveraging Mambu capabilities.    

You will:

Author and publish customer-facing documentation
-Restructure the current documentation into an easy to follow and consistent organisation
-Introduce document styling principles and conventions to be followed consistently across the documentation
-Bring the current documentation on par with the existing functionality
-Improve the quality and update visual information, including screenshots
Ensure that the documentation is consistent and easy to understand
-Define and own document authoring and publishing flow in order to keep the documentation consistent all the time
-Infuse document authoring as part of the overall continuous development flow in every engineering team
-Follow the lean documentation principles to maintain the usability and simplicity of the documentation
Create and maintain vocabulary and ubiquitous language of the product domain
-Establish a common domain vocabulary to be used across the product in a consistent way, both in the documentation as well as in user interface and APIs
Create and maintain guidelines on documentation style and writing principles for others to follow
-Define and own documentation authoring style and guidelines
-Establish a peer-review process to ensure hands-on shared knowledge establishment between document authors
Establish and maintain documentation authoring principles and tools
Define and own document authoring and publishing flow and practices
-Introduce (whenever needed) relevant tools
Review and provide feedback
-Ensure that established documentation authoring principles are being followed in documentation, authored by software engineers, i.e. API documentation
-Be involved part of the team, i.e. provide feedback on user experience and usability of delivered functionality 

You need to have:
+5 years experience in technical writing or similar roles
Good understanding of Financial Services domain and vocabulary
Curiosity and excitement about innovation in Financial Services and Technology
Sufficient technical background to understand software development practices, integrations and application to application interaction
Excellent written English (Fluent or native level)
Experience working with document authoring and publishing technologies, based on Markdown/AsciiDoc/DocBook, etc. including static site generators and SaaS solutions
It would be great if you also had:
Product Owner / Business Analyst background
Technical education or background
Understanding of RESTful APIs
Working experience in Core Banking / Financial Technology (FinTech) Company
Working experience in a Product-centric organisation
Additional education in philology or linguistic disciplines
Technical, Writer, Englisch, System-Administrator, API, SaaS, Analyst, Native, REST,, Empfehlungsbund