Twinner© is a deeply disruptive automotive startup. Twinner© produces Digital Twinns© of cars. The quality is truly game changing that decisions can be made without ever physically seeing the car. This includes trading, insuring, financing, inspecting, valuating and moving cars. Twinner© brings transparency and trust to automotive transactions. This changes the mechanics of the entire industry. We are widely recognized as a leading industry disruptor (e.g. by PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Digital Insurance Agenda, German TV Galileo (Pro7), Autobild).  

Our clients include globally known brands from the automotive ecosystem like dealers, OEMs, marketplaces etc. We are operating in Europe and are expanding abroad. The Twinner© Group consists of over 150 team members in 4 offices (Halle/Saale, Leipzig, Berlin, Budapest). As in any modern technology company you will find an empowering, ambitious and dynamic work environment.  


Gesuchte Talente und Ihre Chancen

Wir sind immer auf der Suche nach Talenten, die die Zukunft der Automobilbranche mitgestalten wollen und Digitalisierung leben. Jeder Mitarbeiter:in kann bei uns eigene Ideen ins Unternehmen und in Prozesse einbringen. Du hast Fragen zum Unternehmen und zu den ausgeschriebenen Positionen? Kontaktiere uns einfach. Bei Interesse freuen wir uns über Deinen Lebenslauf.